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Taking A Natural Systemic Approach To Healing

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It's based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body. When this system is not functioning at its peak, the overall performance of the human body is lacking.

Have a look at what our clients say about us and why chiropractic care works!
I was having really bad pain in my back, legs and shoulders and could hardly get into or out of bed.  I wasn't sleeping well and had to take pain medicine during the night.  I am now sleeping better, my pain is much less severe and sometimes I hardly hurt at all.  I can now go visiting, shopping, clean my apartment and baby sit for my 2 year old great granddaughter.  Your kind and caring attitude and your sincere desire to help me have most impressed me.
— Ercelle H.
Having had back aches due to a crooked spine, I was used to them until last year when I had a pinched nerve in my neck.  I tried physical therapy and acupressure but nothing helped.  Desperation finally brought me in!  I chose Dr. Rob because a friend came here and before I came in I wasn't just skeptical about chiropractic, I WAS TERRIFIED!  The pinched nerve went away, lower back aches occur less often and have recently had headaches that went away after treatment.  I really appreciated the understanding and patience working through my fears and now recommend Dr. Rob to others.  Thanks doesn't quite say enough!
— Becky P.
Before I started getting adjustments, I was experiencing constant pain in my lower back, hip and down into my knee affecting my work and home life.  Since starting care the pain in my hip and lower leg is no longer constant and can move around freely with less pain being more productive at work and enjoying my time off.  While providing professionalism, honest evaluations and treatment options is important I watched as personal relationships with each patient were made.  To me this is as important as the treatment provided and Dr. Rob excels in ALL of the above!
— Gene S.
When I came in for treatment I had already been prescribed pain killers for my arthritic knee and consulted an orthopedic surgeon who offered knee replacement, but I was looking for a less invasive treatment. After less than a month of hands-on treatment, I am already walking better and in less pain than I have been experiencing in years. I hope soon to be able to give up medication altogether and get back to my life.
— Dee S.
Dr. Borromeo has great techniques and is very specific with adjustments. I hurt my back so bad that I could barely get out of bed. In fact, I had to roll off the bed and hold on to the side. I had to do the same to get off his table. In about two weeks, five adjustments, I could sit-up again to get off the table. He has also helped my migraines and my neck range is so much better. He explains things to you in a way that a non-medical person can understand. He is such a personable doctor and I feel right at home there. I am so thankful I met him and his wife and little boy. I don't want to stop going just because I feel better. I hope I will continue to go and keep myself aligned. If you are having pain in your back, neck, or even headaches, do yourself a favor and give Dr. Borromeo a chance to "fix you". You will be so happy you did. He's GREAT! Have a great day.
— Elaine S.
I have seen Dr. AJ three times now and I am so thankful I chose him as my chiropractor. He is very personable; he listens to you and treats you with respect, and best of all, he can really help you with whatever problem you are experiencing. He took care of a lower back flare up in one visit and is now working on a hip problem I am dealing with at this time. Only 2 visits with this problem and I am already feeling much better. I would recommend going to him with any and all pain and joint problems. I can't wait until my next visit in just a few days!!!
— Skippy C.
This place is great.  I've been to a few different chiropractic office in the U.S. and I really liked that here with Dr. Borromeo there was more of a holistic approach to health then the others I've been to.  I left with more practical homework tips, and print outs, than I expected to.  And my neck issues (that have been getting progressively worse over the years from raising kids and working too much) have been resolved in an extremely  short time period.  I think the reason that was possible was because they clearly mapped out the visit healing plan with a time frame that was based on three stages: "Relief only", "Healing", and "Rehabilitation".  And I was able to stick to the plan because they were flexible with scheduling.  The wife, Ashley who works the front desk, actually even hung out with my 3 year old while I went in for the 20 minute adjustments, which I wouldn't have been able to fit into my schedule as needed if she wasn't so accommodating.  I really like them.  I hope they stick around the Raleigh area for many years.  :)  They also seem like some cool cats.  
— A. Brennan
I was referred to Dr. Borromeo through friends and have been a patient for several months. I have had significant improvement in my back pain and appreciate his willingness to talk with me about all my treatment options and long term care. There is a great atmosphere in the office - both Dr. Borromeo and Ashley make you feel very welcome.
— Nam D.
I was skeptical of chiropractic medicine before going, but found that it was very helpful in relieving my lower back pain.  Dr. AJ also recommended some stretches that have been helping as well.  I have definitely noticed a difference.  Overall my experience with Creedmoor Chiropractic is best summarized as very professional, helpful and easy to work with.
— M. Hamilton
Great practice!  You can tell that Dr. AJ takes the overall health into play when creating a plan to fit your specific problem.  He is committed to addressing the issue at hand rather then a few quick fixes.  He takes his time and doesn't make you feel rushed or low-priority at all!  You can tell he takes a lot of pride in his work and as a patient, it's a Dr & practice you will be thankful to be a part of! 
—Tabitha S
I have been a patient of Creedmoor Chiropractic since 2002. The service is outstanding.  Dr. AJ provides excellent chiropractic care and services. The office staff is superior on scheduling and making adjustments to fit my schedule or needs.
— James D.